About our long distance system
When your first open your account, register all the phone numbers you wish to call from. You will also be able to add and remove numbers once your account has been created on your account page.

Add minutes to your account using your credit card. There is no minimum, you may add any amount of money you desire.

Once your credit card has been instantly charged, you will be able to start calling.

To make a call once you have registered, simply call one of our access numbers: Click here to find your local access number.

You may only call from one of your registered phone numbers at a time. Just dial your destination number when asked by the recording; Dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

About our International Text Service
Our international text service allows you to easily send text messages to your country using the same balance you use for calling.

Simply send the following to the TeleAhorro Text access number:

The international recipient's phone number or the SpeedText name you designated in your account for that number + followed by a space + and the message you wish to send to that number.

We'll take care of the rest.

The TeleAhorro text access number is 305-501-4476. The SpeedText setup can be found by logging in to your account: Click here to login to your account.
International Rates
To see our long distance rates click here.


Comparison of long distance calling methods



Traditional LD Provider Cabin Calling Cards
Connection Charges   x x x
Taxes   x   x
Expiration Date       x
Costly Long Distance Plans   x    
Contracts   x    
Switching of Long Distance Companies   x    
Entering PIN Number       x
Hidden Charges   x   x
Waiting In Line to Make a Call     x  
Call Anytime x x   x
Can refill your account from home x      
Always Connects x      
Can call from your home x x   x
Can call from your cellular phone x     x






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